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Bread at a bakery
Different types of bread

Bread is a type of baked food. It is mainly made from flour and water (to make dough). Usually, salt and yeast are added. Bread is often baked in an oven.

Bread is also used in sandwiches as the outside, as the base of a pizza or put into a toaster to make toast. There are many different kinds of bread. These can be divided into two types:

  1. Unleavened flatbread is baked from a dough of water and bread, with no yeast. It is prepared as roundish flat pieces like tortilla or chapati. This type cannot be made thick as it would be too heavy to digest. Unleavened bread is eaten throughout the Middle East. It is typical for Africa, parts of Asia and as the South American tortilla. Baking can be done in a pot, on a hot iron or even a hot stone.
  2. Leavened bread which comes from adding yeast or other fermentation to the dough so that it gives a fluffy body that is good to chew. This can be baked as larger loaves and has to be done in an oven. This is the main type in Europe, America and many parts of Asia.

The color and taste of the bread depend on the kind of flour used and the style of baking. Flour made from the whole grain gives darker bread. Flour made just from the polished wheat grain gives a very white bread. Rye and barley flour give darker types of bread. The type of flour also changes how long the bread can be kept before going bad. Some strains of wheat are resistant to fungus, but may not produce a bread as tasty as a weaker strain.

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