Bacon Supper Snack

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Bacon Supper Snack

Serving Size : 4


salt And pepper

  • 1/2 Teaspoon Mixed Herbs

egg to Bind—Beaten

Melt butter And Gently Fry Mushrooms For 2 Minutes.Combine With Breadcrumbs,

salt, pepper And Herbs. Use Just Sufficient BeatenEgg to Bind - About 3


Divide Stuffing Between Bacon Slices. Roll up AndSecure Each, if Necessary,

With a Wooden Cocktail Stick.

Cook For 5 Minutes Under a Hot Grill, Turning Once.Remove Sticks And Place

Bacon Rolls in an Oven Dish, in a Single Layer.

Press tomatoes Through a Sieve Into a Saucepan.

Season to Taste And Bring To


Boil. Pour Oven Bacon Rolls And Cook in a Very

Moderate Oven (350 f - Gas Mark

  • 3) For 30 Minutes.

Serve With Creamed potatoes And, if Liked, a TossedGreen Salad.


contributed by "World Recipes Y-Group" [1]