Artisan bread

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A bread, made by a skilled baker, that is considered to be handcrafted in each step of the process from kneading the ingredients to the baking of the bread. The ingredients are all natural, with flours that are untreated and unbromated. When baked, the bread provides a variety of wonderful aromas that come from a multi-flavored and earthy-textured ingredients. During the process, the bread artisan mixes the ingredients with the best balance of materials, baking time and oven temperature to create a product that has been baked with the proper amount of heat and steam for an excellent crumb and crust. Steam is typically used in the baking process in order to keep the crust crispy in texture, glossy in appearance, and symmetrical in shape. Different varieties of artisan breads are available, some having a very light, delicate flavor while others may have a very strong taste and flavor, depending on the ingredients and preparation or baking processes used to make the bread.