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Kielbasa Cassoulet


in Large Dutch Oven, Heat oil Over Medium Heat; Cook Sausage, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, thyme, pepper And Cloves. Stir For About 5 Minutes or Until onions Are Softened. Add tomatoes And Break up With Fork. Add chicken stock And bay leaf; Bring to Boil. Add beans. Reduce Heat And Simmer For About 30 Minutes or Until Slightly Thickened. Discard bay leaf. Topping: in Saucepan, Melt butter Over Medium Heat. Add garlic; Cook For About 2 Minutes or Until Softened. Stir in Breadcrumbs And Chopped parsley; Sprinkle Over Cassoulet. Bake in 350 Degree Oven For About 30 Minutes or Until Crusty And Golden on Top, bubbly And Heated Through.

Paula in California