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Kpokpei is a special dish for Ga festival.



Soak corn for 2 days. Wash and grind corn. Sprinkle a little water on top of cornmeal and cover it overnight. Rub through a sieve. Place a steamer over a pot of boiling water and seal edges with a little corndough. Cover bottom of steamer with clean corn husks. Put sifted cornmeal into steamer and allow it to cook over steam for about half an hour, until kpokpei gives out a yeasty aroma. Slice okros and cook in a little water until very tender. Mash and add salt. Immediately kpokpei is taken out of steamer, sprinkle with salted cold water, use a wooden spoon to break all lumps. Mix with mashed okro, stir well. If palm oil is used, heat and mix with kpokpei evenly. Serve with palmnut soup.