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Canned Peaches are peeled yellow clingstone or freestone varieties; they are packed as halves, quartered, sliced, or diced. Peaches are packed in unsweetened fruit juice, light syrup, lightly sweetened fruit juice and water, or lightly sweetened fruit juice (the label will state the packing medium).


Unopened Cans of Peaches

Store unopened cans in a cool, dry place off the floor until ready to use.

Opened Cans of Peaches

Store opened peaches in a covered container and refrigerate. Use within 5 to 7 days.

Uses & Tips

  • Canned peaches are a delicious dessert served directly from the can, with juice, either at room temperature or chilled. They are also a wonderful addition to any fruit or vegetable salad or dessert recipe.
  • The juice from canned peaches can be drained and thickened with flour or cornstarch to make a fruit sauce for ice cream or pancakes.
  • Freeze the drained juice in an ice cube tray; use instead of ice cubes in cold drinks or iced tea.
  • Use the drained juice as part of the liquid when making gelatin desserts.


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