Yukon Gold potato

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Yukon Gold is a cultivar of potato closely akin to the Yellow Finn. Unlike the Yellow Finn, Yukon Golds are larger, with golden, buttery-tasting waxy flesh. This potato is best served boiled or baked. It can be served mashed. This variety was released jointly by Agriculture Canada and the University of Guelph in 1981.

It is also known as a "creamer potato". Creamer potatoes are varieties of potatoes harvested before they mature to keep them small and tender. They are generally either Yukon Gold potatoes or Red potatoes, called gold creamers or red creamers respectively, and measure approximately one inch in diameter.

The skin of creamer potatoes is waxy and high in moisture content, and the flesh contains a lower level of starch than other potatoes, which makes it suitable for boiling.

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