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About Wrasse

Female Biocellate Wrasse are green with orange stripes anteriorly that break into spots on the rear of the body. They have two distinctive ocelli on the dorsal fin. Old males have reddish stripes along the body and a U-shaped mark on the caudal peduncle. They have no ocelli in the dorsal fin. Wrasses are mostly long, cigar-shaped or flattened cigar-shaped fish. They lack swim bladders and swim using only their side pectoral fins. As soon as a burst of speed is necessary, they use their caudal fin. Even if they don't have a large mouth, they have muscular lips with big, sharp teeth. Frequently, they sleep under rock shelves, on or under a coral branch, in a crevice, or directly on the sand surface. A few extremely energetic species of Wrasse will take infrequent rest periods throughout the day. Wrasse fish eats black worms and insects but also their meal includes small fish or little aqua animals. Wrasse is a fish which belongs to the order Perciformes and Suborder Labroidei and is a member of the family Labridae which include more than 60 genera and five hundred species.

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