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Birthing Traditions:

Mothers-to-be in Wales had to be careful what they did before their babies were born. A few of the customs were: if a woman stepped over a grave, her baby would be still-born or die soon after birth. If the expectant mother dipped her hands in dirty water, the baby would grow up to have coarse hands. If the child was born under a new moon, he/she would grow to be eloquent in speech. If the baby was born at night, it would see visions of ghosts and phantoms at funerals.

During the christening of the baby, if the infant held up it's head, it would live to be very old. However, if it allowed it's head to fall and rest in the arm of the person holding it, the child would die an early death.

'Welsh Words & Phrases:

Welsh ("Y Cymraeg") is one of the ancient Celtic languages that is still spoken today. I have researched and compiled a comprehensive list of key Welsh phrases and words, as well as some amusing slang terms in English. So, if you ever find yourself in Wales, do as the Welsh do...

Welsh Words & Phrases:

  • Boreda! "Good morning"
  • Noswaith dda: "Good evening"
  • Sut mae? "How are things?"
  • Sut rydych chi? "How are you?"
  • Da iawn: "Very well"
  • Diolch: "Thanks"
  • Dwi’n hoffi bwyta bara: "I like eating bread"
  • Dwi’n hoffi darllen: "I like reading"
  • Beth rydych chi'n hoffi fwyta? "What do you like to eat?"
  • Heddiw: today
  • Yn gymylog: cloudy
  • Yn niwlog: misty and foggy
  • Yn hyfryd: lovely
  • Rydwi: I am
  • Wedi blino: tired
  • Hwyl: Cheerio, "all the best"
  • Da boch chi: "Goodbye!"

Welsh Slang:

  • Buttie: (male friend)
  • Middle room:(lounge)
  • Have a potch down the gully: (hanging in the alley)
  • Steak and kidney pie with fries: (Cow and chips)
  • Grotty like shandy van: (horrible messy place)
  • Scrut: (stupid fool)
  • Immense: (feeling great emotion)
  • Dirty as the road: (mucky)
  • Up the wooden gwelly: (up the stairs to bed)
  • Have a swill in the bosh: (wash in the sink)
  • Hits you like bleach: (stimulates your senses)
  • Shush your noise: (do be quiet)
  • Don't forget your cardi: (wear something woolen when going out)
  • Mega: (wicked)
  • Lush: (rather good)
  • Sorted: (everything is fine)
  • Raz: (brilliant)
  • Big mac: (hamburger)
  • Cakehole: (mouth)
  • Bog: (toilet)
  • Munting: (ugly)
  • Darren: (tough guy)
  • Skavvy: (person who begs)
  • Safe: (very good)
  • Solid: (something difficult)
  • Hiya: (hello)
  • 'appnin: (how's it going?)

Wales the land which is filled with mystery and adventure is still largely unknown. May it stay this way for all a long time to come.

Hiroes i'r Iaith Gymraeg ac Cymru am Byth