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Ube is a purple yam, a root crop that grows mostly everywhere in the Philippines. The most popular way of cooking ube is to make it into halaya hence called Ube Halaya. Violet yam (Ube), boiled and grated, mixed with coconut milk and Sugar, and cooked until thick. The taste and texture is really neat - it comes across as a heavy ice cream, custard type pudding. It is a sweet sticky jam-like concoction that may be eaten by itself or as an ingredient in other deserts like halo-halo.



The traditional way of cooking ube halaya is to boil the ube, peel off the skin and grate the meat. Put butter on a saucepan under medium fire. Throw in the ube, fresh milk, and the evaporated milk. Mix all the ingredients very well. Continuously stir the mixture; never leave it unattended, until it turns thick. Adding Sugar is optional.

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