Tiger prawn

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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Tiger prawn]]

Name variations[edit]

  • King prawn

About Tiger prawn[edit]

Tiger prawn, scientifically known as Penaeus esculents or monodon, is usually found in the western pacific, around Australia. Tiger prawns can be found in Australian waters in depths of two hundred meters but they are most commonly found trawled in over coarse water sediments of ten to twenty meters depth. Juvenile tiger prawns are found in shallow waters and they prefer living in coral reef platforms. As well as kuruma prawns, tiger prawns feed themselves during the night and during the day they hide in the sand. The main source of food for tiger prawns consist of mollusks, crustaceans and marine worms such as polychaete worms. Tiger prawns are brown colored with dark banding. On top of their head they have to antennas which are also banded. They are small water creatures tiger prawn’s medium size is of thirty nine centimeters. Tiger prawns, mostly juvenile tiger prawns represent the main source of nutrition for estuarine fish like barramundi, king threadfin and catfish as well as for squids and cuttlefish. Because they only get offshore during the night the perfect moment to catch these incredibly taste prawns is when they feed themselves.

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