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This template is used in over 1000 pages. Please think carefully before changing it, and make sure you explain your change in your edit summary. Any unexplained changes may be reverted.

Template:Collapsible optionfa:الگو:سیاست‌ها و رهنمودهای ویکی‌پدیا fr:Modèle:Palette Règles et recommandations de Wikipédia id:Templat:Kebijakan dan pedoman Wikipedia mk:Шаблон:Начела и напатствија mr:साचा:विकिपीडिया धोरणे व मार्गदर्शक तत्त्वे ms:Templat:Polisi dan garis panduan Wikipedia ja:Template:Wikipediaの方針とガイドライン or:ଟେମ୍ପଲେଟ:Wikipedia policies and guidelines pt:Predefinição:Políticas e recomendações da Wikipédia sl:Predloga:Pravila in smernice uk:Шаблон:Офіційні правила та поради zh:Template:Rules