Tapioca pearls

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Name Variations[edit]

  • pearl tapioca
  • large pearl tapioca
  • fish eye tapioca
  • tapioca balls
  • sa khu met lek

About Tapioca pearls[edit]

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In South and Southeast Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malaysia) tapioca pearls are known as Sabudana (Sagu). It is commonly used as a food while fasting among the Hindus in India. Also the pearls (sabudana) are used to make snacks. It is also thinly sliced in South India and made into wafers like salted potato wafers. In the South Indian State of Kerala Tapioca is a staple food. Boiled Tapioca is normally eaten with fish curry or beef, and is a traditional favorite of Keralites.

During World War II's Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia, many refugees survived on tapioca.

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