Slab Bacon Baked Beans

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  1. Soak beans Overnight in 6 Cups Cold water.
  2. Drain And Put Into a Large Cooking Pot.
  3. Add water to Cover beans, About 6 Cups.
  4. Bring to a Boil, Cover And Cook at a Slow Boil For 30 Minutes.
  5. Drain, Reserving Cooking water.
  6. Combine beans With Chopped onions;
  7. Spoon Half Into Bottom of 2 1/2 to 3 Quart Bean Pot.
  8. Score Slab Bacon, Cut in Half And Put 1 Piece on Top of beans.
  9. Spoon in Remaining beans.
  10. Mix Syrup, salt And Dry mustard With 1 Cup of Bean Cooking water. Pour Over beans. Add More Bean Cooking water if Needed to Cover beans.
  11. Place Remaining Slab Bacon on Top.
  12. Cover And Bake in a 325 Oven For 6 Hours. Add More Bean Cooking Liquid if Needed. Uncover For The Last Hour.

Makes 6 to 8 Servings.

Source: Marlboro Country Cookbook

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