Salamorah Tourshi

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Pickled green peppers stuffed with chopped vegetables




  1. Mix salt, vinegar, brown sugar and add to other ingredients. Mix well. Cover and set aside.
  2. Clean pulp from 12 large thick green peppers. Save tops. Sprinkle inside lightly with salt Fill with chopped vegetable mixture. Replace pepper tops. Tie crosswise and lengthwise with string. Pack in one gallon wide-mouthed jars.
  3. Boil half package pickling spices with one cup water for ten minutes. Strain. Add liquid to brine. Stir thoroughly. Pack peppers tightly in jars. Pour brine to very top. Place one wide slice green pepper on top and seal tightly.
  4. Keep in dark place. Ready to eat in about 10 days. To serve: cut pepper in half length-wise.