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  1. Bring the milk to a boil and add vinegar to the boiling milk to separate the whey.
  2. Throw away the liquid part by sifting the stuff onto a muslin cloth.
  3. Pour some cold water over the curd to cool and wash it.
  4. Discard the water and hang the cloth for 15–20 minutes to let the excess water drip off.
  5. Put the curd in a food processor or blender and blend at high speed to get a smooth consistency.
  6. You may add just a little (1 tsp or so) water while blending, if the curd is too dry and will not blend.
  7. Be very careful so as not to add any extra water. Remove the paste and make small balls (1-2" in diameter).
  8. Boil water in a wide vessel. Make sure that there is at least 2-3" of water in the vessel.
  9. If not, add more water and increase the quantity of Sugar proportionately.
  10. Add Sugar to the boiling water to make a light syrup.
  11. Continue boiling the syrup and gently drop the curd balls in the boiling syrup.
  12. Cook the balls in the boiling syrup for 30–40 minutes. Remove from the heat and let the stuff cool down.
  13. Put the balls and the syrup in a storage container and refrigerate (don't freeze). Serve cold.