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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Pumpkin leaves]]

Name Variations[edit]

  • pumpkin greens

About Pumpkin leaves[edit]

Pumpkins belong to the family known as Curcubitaceae and it helps people stay healthy. Pumpkin is an essential food, particularly among Pacific people, as it contains a great amount of nutrients and it is easy to grow. This plant does not require too much attention and care after it is planted and it should be known that pumpkin plants grow extremely easy from either seeds or cuttings with roots. Another essential aspect is that pumpkins need very rich soil in order to grow. Pumpkin leaves, as well as pumpkin flowers, fruit and seeds, are protective and prove to be health-giving foods, and they are rich in minerals and vitamins. Dark green pumpkin leaves contain a great amount of vitamin A that is vital for a proper growth, healthy eyes and protection from disease. Moreover, pumpkin leaves are a great source of calcium, iron, protein, and calcium and they can be prepared in many ways. First of all, leaves should be washed every time before cooking and placed in boiling water. They should be eaten with coconut cream or other fats in order for the body to assimilate the vitamin A.

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