Popiah - The Hokkien/Teochew Spring Roll

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There are many types of spring rolls, the most well known is probably the Cantonese Choon Quen which is deep fried. The Vietnames and the Thais have their own interpretation of this Chinese favourite. Some are filled only with vegetables, others meat, yet others seafood ... this recipe is a Hokkien /teochew version, even so, the ingredients used varies from family to family ...

Popiah - The Hokkien/Teochew Spring Roll



  1. Get ready the spring roll wrap, thaw if necessary.
  2. Place on plate readdy to serve.
  3. Dry roast peanuts and sesame seed separately.
  4. Get ready the sauces, lettuce and coriader.
  5. Place on plates ready for use.
  6. Cut tofu into tiny cubes, shred cabbage and yam beans.
  7. Heat pan and fry dried shrimps, cabbage and yam bean till cooked, add tofu and season with salt and msg.
  8. Transfer over to a colander and press off excess juice.
  9. Put in a bowl ready to serve.
  10. This is a do it yourself dish.