Pilau Rice with Beef Stew

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Beef Stew Ingredients


Fry the onions that have been chopped until they turn brown.

Add tomatoes and chopped green pepper.

Add carrots, black pepper and coriander.

Wash the cut meat and sprinkle it with seasoning salt.

When the carrots have become slightly soft add the cut meat.

When meat is almost cooking add some curry powder and salt to taste.

Pilau rice Ingredients:

Wash the rice with cold water. Boil the Peas until cooked. Chop onions and then fry them until they turn slightly brown. Then add tomatoes that have been peeled and cut. Boil some of the rice water with the pilau masala until it boils. Add some salt to taste. Add the rest of the water to the fried onions and tomatoes. Then add the green peas when the water starts boiling and the rice. Then let it cook.


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