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a dish of pickled onions

About Pickled onions[edit]

Pickled onions are a popular pickled food consisting of onions pickled in a solution of vinegar and salt, often with other preservatives and flavourings. In the United Kingdom they are often eaten alongside fish and chips or as part of a Ploughman's lunch. There is a variety of small white pickled onions known as 'silverskin onions', most frequently used as an essential component of the Martini cocktail variant known as a Gibson.

In the United Kingdom, pickled onions are also often sliced and added to sandwiches, especially cheese sandwiches.

Pickled onions are pickled in malt vinegar and the onions are about an inch diameter. Silverskin onions are pickled in white vinegar, and are much smaller.

In Southern United States, pickled Vidalia onions can be served as a side dish.

In Hong Kong, pickled onions are served in a lot of Cantonese restaurants, especially around dinner time, as a small dish before the main course is served.

In Switzerland, they are served to accompany Raclette along with pickled Gherkins.

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