Peanut Butter Fingers Cookies with Candy Bits

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Peanut butter Fingers Cookies

These Cookies Are Rectangle Shaped, Covered With chocolate And One End of Cookie Has Toffee Bits And Nuts on It.


Heat Oven to 325 Degrees. Coat a Jelly Roll Pan With Nonstick Spray. Dough---In a Bowl, Beat All Ingredients Except flour Until Blended. Stir in flour Until Blended. Press Over Bottom of Pan, Prick Dough All Over.

Bake 18 minutes. or Until Golden. Sprinkle Hot Crust With chocolate chips, Let Stand 5 minutes., Then Spread Over Crust. Draw a Line in chocolate to Divide in Half Crosswise, Then Divide Each Half in Thirds, You Will Have 6 Rows. Sprinkle a 1 3/4 Inch Wide Band of Toffee Nut Mixture Down Scored Lines 1,3,5. Press Into chocolate. Then Score Lengthwise to Create 8 Columns.While Warm, Cut Through Scored Lines With a Knife. Cool in Pan. Remove Cookies With a Spatula.

This Recipe Makes 48 Cookies.*