Microwave Boston Cream Pie

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Microwave Boston Cream Pie

Ingredients as Called For

On Package Label

  • 1. in a Medium-Sized, Heat-Resistant, Non-Metallic Bowl, Combine sugar, flour,egg And 1/4 Cup milk Together.
  • 2. Heat, Uncovered, in Microwave Oven 2 Minutes or Until Sauce is ThickenedAnd Smooth. Stir Every 30 Seconds.
  • 3. Place in Refrigerator to Chill.
  • 4. in a 1-Quart, Heat-Resistant, Non-Metallic Measuring Cup, Combine CornSyrup, chocolate Pieces And butter.
  • 5. Heat, Uncovered, in Microwave Oven 2 1/2 to 3 Minutes or Until chocolate IsMelted. Stir Occasionally.
  • 7. Heat, Uncovered, in Microwave Oven 1 1/2 Minutes. Chill in Refrigerator.
  • 8. While Custard And Topping Are Cooling, Prepare Cake Mix According ToPackage Procedures.
  • 9. Grease Two 8-Inch, Heat-Resistant, Non-Metallic Cake Pans. Divide BatterBetween Each Prepared Cake Pan.
  • 10. Cover Each Cake Pan With Clear Plastic Wrap And Heat in Microwave Oven 6Minutes or Until a Toothpick Inserted in The Center Comes Out Clean.
  • 11. Invert Cakes Onto a Cooling Rack.
  • 12. When Cake Has Cooled, Place One Layer on Serving Plate. Spread ChilledCustard on Top.
  • 13. Place Other Layer on Top of Custard And Spread Chilled chocolate SauceOver Top And Let Drizzle Down Sides.



contributed by "World Recipes Y-Group" [1]