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About Medium-grain rice

Rice that has a length that is 2 to 3 times its width. When cooked, the rice tends to remain moist and tender, with a moderate stickiness, clinging together more than long grain. Medium grain rice is available in different varieties, such as aromatic, white and brown. This type of rice can be steamed or baked and is used most often for desserts, casseroles, breads, and stir-fry recipes.

Medium grain rice has a shorter, wider kernel than long grain rice. Cooked grains are more clammy and tender, and have a superior propensity to cling together than long grain. This rice needs a special temperate climate and is only grown in a few places in the world like Japan, Korea, and parts of northern China, Australia, and some countries around the Mediterranean Sea. This rice is almost certainly the most excellent in the world. In the major consuming counties, it is most often eaten alone, without flavoring. Medium grain rice is shorter and wider than long grain rice. The kernels are two to three times longer than its size.

Medium-grain rice is a Japonica type of rice and has a gelatinization temperature of about 60 degrees centigrade and protein content of about 6.5. Medium-grain rice has many of the functional properties of waxy corn, which is also very high in amylopectin. This rice can be eaten with vegetables like carrots and cucumber but it is very special in dishes like fish or light meat. When properly cooked, medium-grain rice extends an exclusive texture with a starchy creamy surface and a firm bites in the middle.

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