Lime Chicken with Honeydew Peach Salsa

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Contributed by World Recipes Y-Group

  • This recipe makes 4 servings.



  1. Prepare outdoor grill.


  1. From lime, grate 1½ tsp peel and squeeze 2 tbsp juice.
  2. In bowl, stir together lime juice, melon, peach, basil, and ¼ tsp salt.
  3. Makes 4 cups salsa.


  1. Place chicken on plate.
  2. Sprinkle chicken on both sides with lime peel, ½ tsp salt and ½ tsp pepper.
  3. Place chicken on hot grill.
  4. Cover grill and cook chicken 12 minutes.
  5. Or until juices run clear when pierced.
  6. Arrange chicken on platter and serve with salsa.