Lemongrass Chicken Satay

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Nice unique tasting satay thai style. Simple to prepare but good enough for either a party or a simple family meal.

File:Lemongrass Chicken Satay.jpeg
Lemongrass Chicken Satay



  1. Mince chicken thigh with cleaver, and set aside.
  2. Using pestle and mortar, grind spring onions, chillies and garlic till very fine.
  3. Add minced chicken and continue to grind till mixtures resembles pate.
  4. Transfer mince to a mixing bowl, add egg, lime juice, fish sauce, cornflour, pepper and sugar.
  5. Mix well, kneading till the mixture is thick and dough-like in consistency.
  6. Leave mixture to firm up in the fridge (about an hour).
  7. Take about 2 tablespoon of mixture and shape it around a lemongrass stalk.
  8. Repeat with remaining mixture till all are used up.
  9. Brush lightly with canola oil.
  10. Heat grill and cook the satays for 5–8 minutes, turning frequently till the chicken mixture is slightly charred.
  11. Serve warm with sweet chilli sauce.