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For the filling[edit]


  1. Add the meat to the onion and fry, adding 1 spoon of flavor to the cutlets of Bulgur that to the meat.
  2. Put both types of the Bulgur together, fill with warm water that will cover the Bulgur in several centimeters, and leave it for about an hour until part of the water is absorbed into the Bulgur.
  3. Take every time a handful and squeeze properly and put it in a different bowls until everything is finished, then pour off all the remaining water and return all the squeezed wheatgroats into the big bowl.
  4. Put 2 glasses of semolina, one teaspoon of Turmeric, a replete spoon of salt, and one egg, and massage everything together with your hands, including closing the hand fists until the dough gets a little like chewing gum. If semolina is missing, it is possible to add a little more to it according to the need, until we would get a sticky dough.
  5. Create big balls of dough and put them aside.
  6. Open every ball of dough and insert a full spoon of the meat and close.
  7. Boil water in a pot with a little salt and Turmeric. When the water has boiled up, flatten every ball in the meat that we got in a somewhat shape of a flat full moon in the size of little plate. Put it gently in the boiling water until the Kibbeh will float, and this will be the sign that it is ready.

Kibbeh can be eaten immediately as it gets ready, or pan fried on both sides.

Absolutely delicious.he:ספר מתכונים/קובה בורגול