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Kaffir limes

Name Variations

  • jeruk purut
  • leech lime
  • limau purut
  • magrood
  • makroot
  • makrut

About Kaffir lime

Grown in Southeast Asia and Hawaii, the kaffir lime tree produces small, pear-shaped citrus fruit with a skin that's bright yellow-green, bumpy and wrinkled. The glossy, dark green kaffir Ume leaves, which are used in cooking, have a unique double shape and look like two leaves that are joined end to end. Dried kaffir lime rind and leaves, which have a mysterious flora-citrus aroma, can be found in Asian markets. Fresh leaves, which have a more intense, fragrant aroma, are sometimes also available.

Kaffir lime botanically known as Citrus Hystrix, is a part of rutaceae family and it’s generally found in Southeast Asia.

The fruit is distinguished from other limes because of its pungent leaves, ever green color and bumpy exterior. Kaffir lime generally has small size and hourglass-shaped leaves. Their leaves, zest, and juice are used in Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian cooking because gives special flavor to the dishes. Kaffir lime leaves are used to flavor alcoholic beverages such as rums liqueur while the fruits offer delicious lemonade. The leaves of the Kaffir lime tree are a dark green color with a glossy sheen. They come in two parts: the top leaflet is lightly pointed at its tip and is attached to another leaflet beneath that is broader on its upper edge. In folk medicine, the juice of Kaffir lime is said to promote gum health and is recommended for use in brushing teeth and gums. Kaffir lime is known to have extraordinary beneficial properties for the digestive system. The leaves and rind are used in preparing curry pastes, sauces of powerful citrus fragrance and savor.

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