Italian Minestrone Soup Mix

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Soup mixes are a wonderful gift from the kitchen for college students, grandparents, young married couples or anyone that is new to cooking. The following combinations can be placed in jars; 1 cup of beans to each jar with a seasoning packet.

Gift Ideas: Place the beans and seasoning packet in a simple sewn muslin bag. Gather and tie the top with a country style fabric strip. Attach the recipe. You can also include the ½ cup of pasta by placing in a small plastic bag, then place in the middle of a fabric square (same country style material), gather and tie with a strip of muslin. Place both bags in a wicker basket lined with either fabric. Include soup bowls, napkins, and a bag of croutons. Also, if the person you are giving this to has a bread maker you can include a box or bag of bread mix. Available by the cake and muffin mixes in the grocery store.

  • Contributed by Catsrecipes Y-Group


Seasoning packet


  1. Stir together beans and split into four bags or jars with one cup in each.
  2. Stir together seasoning and divide equally into 4 small plastic bags.
  3. To give place in basket or gift bag with the recipe for Vegetable Bean Minestrone Soup.