How to make nigiri sushi

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1. Slice up some Neta for toppings.
2. Wet both hands well with vinegar, then take some Shari in your right hand and squeeze the Shari to make it oblong and bite-sized.
3. Place the Neta in your left hand; it should rest on the second joint of your fingers.
4. While holding the Shari in your right hand, put a bit of Wasabi on the top-side of the Neta.
5. Place the Shari on top of the Neta (on top of the Wasabi), then press the top of Shari with left thumb gently, and also make a dent on the sides with right fingers.
6. While shaping the Shari , make a line-like dent with your right index finger.
7. Turn it around.
8. Step 7 is called Tatekaeshi.
9. While using your left hand in a box shape and pressing, insert your thumb under the neta and then shape the edge.
10. Holding the sushi with your right index finger, middle finger, and thumb, turn it around.
11. Hold it with your right thumb and index finger and press the sides gently.
12. Press it together one more time and then you are finished. The Shari part should be in the shape of the bottom of a boat.

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