Herbed Pork and Spinach Terrine

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  1. Remove stalks from spinach, wash spinach leaves, tear up roughly, place in steamer or large pan.
  2. Cover tightly, cook until leaves are tender
  3. Drain, press out all moisture.
  4. Place spinach in food processor, process until spinach is finely chopped.
  5. Place spinach in bowl, add mince, 125g finely chopped bacon, chopped parsley, crushed garlic, basil, thyme, nutmeg, pepper and salt.
  6. Cover chicken livers with water, leave 30 minutes.
  7. Melt butter in pan, add finely chopped onions. Cook until onions are just tender.
  8. Drain chicken livers, clean, cut livers into 1cm pieces.
  9. Add livers to pan, cook 2 minutes.
  10. Pour brandy over, mix well, stir in madeira and cream.
  11. Bring mixture to boil, remove from heat, allow to cool then stir in spinach mixture with lightly beaten eggs, mix well.
  12. Shell pistachio nuts, cover pistachio nuts with hot water, leave 5 minutes, remove skins.
  13. Add nuts to mixture, mix well.
  14. Line base and sides of loaf tin (base measures 12 cm x 22cm) with bacon (remove rind first).
  15. Add half the spinach mixture.
  16. Place speck on top of ham slices, roll up, place ham rolls along furrow.
  17. Spoon remaining spinach mixture on top.
  18. Cover with remaining bacon.
  19. Cover with aluminium foil, secure with string, place in baking dish with hot water to come halfway up sides of loaf tin.
  20. Bake in moderate oven for 90 minutes.
  21. Remove from oven, place a weight on top, cool, refrigerate overnight.