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The chopping technique is used in the cutting up of a food item when no specific shape is required. Chopping may be coarse or fine in which case it should be specified in the recipe - coarsely chopped, finely chopped, etc.

How to

To chop parsley, for example, grip the handle of a chef's knife. Pinch the part of the blade closest to the handle. With your other hand, if you are chopping something like a chiffonade, hold the target food steady. If doing something like nuts, place your palm in the middle of the blunt end. Rock the knife up and down rapidly, keeping the tip on the work surface, and gradually move the blade sideways over the food item on the chopping board. In order to ensure that all of the product is properly chopped, rearrange the pile from time to time if you are doing nuts or vegetables and continue until you have reached the desired degree of fineness.