Chocolate Leaves

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chocolate Leaves

  • 6 Camellia Leaves or Other Non Toxic Leaves, Rubbed, Tubbed And Scrubbed Clean. Dry With Paper Toweling.
  • 1/4 Cup Semi Sweet chocolate chips (nestl?'s) Melted

With The Back of a Spoon or With a Small Spatula, Spread chocolate on The Back of The Leaves. Place chocolate Side up on Waxed Paper And Place in The Refrigerator to Firm Up. When chocolate is Firm, Peel Off The Leaf And Voila! You Have The Prettiest chocolate Leaves. They Must be Kept in The Refrigerator Until Ready to Use And They Can be Prepared a Week in Advance. Store Them in a Plastic Container, With Wax Paper to Cover And Then The Lid. Note: i Made These With Both Dark And white chocolate. i Tinted The white chocolate With a Drop or Two of Green food coloring to Resemble Leaves And They Looked Gorgeous on Top of a white chocolate Cheesecake.


Source: With Love From Darling's Kitchen

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