Celery Wine

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  1. Wash and scrub the celery and chop it into short pieces. Put the chopped celery in a large saucepan, cover it with unsalted cold water and bring it to boil. Simmer for about 20 minutes until the celery is soft but not to the point of mashing.
  2. Strain of the cooled liquid into a clean demijohn. Add the Sugar as a syrup and top it up with cold, boiled water to the shoulder. Add the accid, nutrient and enzyme, fit an airlock and leave for 24 hours in a warm place. After 24 hours, addthe yeast culture, refit the airlock and leave to ferment in a warm place. Be sure to shake the demijohn daily.
  3. When the wine begins to clear, leave it to settle and rack as soon as necessary with adding a crushed campden tablet and toping up the demijohn with cool, boiled water. Rack again after six months or sooner if you think it is necessary.
  4. This should make a dry white wine that can be sweetend a little by adding some white grape concentrate.