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meat filling :

  1. Minced Beef or mutton
  2. Medium Onion
  3. salt
  4. Ground pepper (optional)
  5. garlic (optional)
  6. Chopped herbs (optional)
  7. 5-spices (optional)


  1. Premium wheat flour
  2. A pinch of salt
  3. Lukewarm water


For the dough

Dissolve a pinch of salt in lukewarm water, mix in flour and knead into smooth soft dough. Leave the dough to rest. Knead again and cut into small pieces (the size depends on whether you like small or medium buuz). Roll the pieces into balls and leave them rest in a bowl. Sprinkle with flour to avoid from sticking together.

For the meat filling

Mince Beef or mutton. You can certainly use a Moulinex for this purpose; however, buuz will taste better if you do the mincing by hand using a sharp knife. Combine the meat in a bowl with minced Onion, crushed garlic (optional), herbs (optional) and other seasonings. Add some water to make the filling juicy.

The next stage is forming buuz. Roll out the dough ball into circles by leaving the center thicker than the edges. Put the meat filling in the center of the circle and start sealing the edges with your fingers. Sealing requires agility and skillfulness from your fingers. Each Mongolian family has its own style of sealing such as flower-like, canoe-shape or star-type.