Butter Bean and Ham Soup

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butter Bean And Ham Soup

From Mr. Food

Wanna Get Everyone's Attention? Top Each Bowlful of This With Crispy Homemade Croutons. And to Make it Really Southern, Make Croutons With Cubes of Leftover Cornbread That You Toss With butter And Toast in The Oven.

in a Soup Pot, Combine All The Ingredients And Bring to a Boil Over Medium-High Heat. Reduce The Heat to Low And Simmer For 30 Minutes to Allow The Flavors to Combine And The Soup to Thicken.

Note: You Can Use Two Drained 16-Oz. Cans of butter beans in Place of The Frozen Ones. And, For The Ham, Use Leftovers or Get 1/2 Lb. Thick-Cut Ham From The Deli And Dice That Up. go With Whatever You Have on hand.