Black salt

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Name Variations

  • kala namak
  • sanchal

About Black salt

Wikipedia Article About Black salt on Wikipedia

Black salt (Hindi काला नमक kala namak) is an unrefined table salt with a strong sulphurous taste. Contrary to what its name suggests, it is pink in colour and has only a faint salty taste (due to its high mineral content) . It is used extensively in Indian cuisine as a condiment as well as in ayurvedic medicine and is commonly sold in the form of a fine, almost completely odorless powder.

Black salt is also the name for a type of salt used in occult practices as a means of protection. This salt consists mainly of burnt rue, graveyard dirt, and crushed sea salt. It should not be eaten. "The Elemental Encyclopedia Of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes" says, "magical black salt is concocted by blending salt with the scrapings from cast iron cookware. Black salt is mainly used in protection spells and to cast hexes."