Black currant

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Black currant

Name Variations

  • cassis

About Black currant

The black currant is a plant which produces safe to eat berries and it grows as a bush with leaves and stems which have a strong and not attractive smell. Blackcurrants fruits are rich in vitamin C, have a dark purple to black color and they are similar to black grapes; their flowers have a yellow to white color; and they are available from spring to autumn. Blackcurrants grow in woods, bottomlands and slopes. The fruits are very popular in USA, UK and in some countries from Europe. Because the fruit is very rich in vitamin C, the syrup made of blackcurrants is recommended to be drunken by the children for its healthy benefits. Although the fruit is very sweet and taste it also has a kind a bitter taste. From blackcurrants fruits there are made jellies, jams, juices, ice creams and liqueurs. Blackcurrants seeds oil is much appreciated because it is a source of gamma-linoleic acid, a rare essential fatty acid. Fatty acids, which are found in blackcurrant fruits, are implicated in many body functions such as maintaining temperature, insulating nerves, creating energy and protecting tissues.

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