Bean Soup with Knuckle of Pork

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This soup will take a good deal of time to make, but you wont be disappointed with this delicious soup.




  1. Soak the pork with the beans for 24 hours beforehand, to remove some of the salt.
  2. Cook the meat in fresh water with onion and garlic, for about 1 and half hours, until the skin is tender.
  3. Remove the onion and garlic and taste the stock to see if more salt should be added.
  4. If it is too salty, throw away some of the liquid and dilute with more water.
  5. Add the beans and other vegetables and simmer until they are cooked (about 1 and half hours more).
  6. If the soup is very greasy, let it cool down and skim the fat from the surface.
  7. Prepare a roux from the lard and flour, stir in the paprika, then the sour cream.
  8. Pour into the soup and bring to the boil.
  9. To serve cut the meat into pieces, put a piece in each soup plate and pour the soup over.