Barley Mushroom Bake

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Barley Mushroom Bake (tnt)

Heat Oven to 350. Lightly oil a 1 Quart Baking Dish. Heat 1 T. oil in Large Skillet. Add Onion And Cook Over Medium High Heat 3 to 4 Minutes. Stir Often Until Tender. Add Barley, Cook, Stirring Often, Until Barley is Golden; Transfer to Prepared Baking Dish. Add chicken broth. Bake Uncovered 30 Minutes. Meanwhile, Heat Remaining 2 T. oil in Same Skillet. Add Mushrooms And Cook Over Medium High Heat. Stir Occasionally 5 to 7 Minutes Until Liquid From Mushrooms Has Evaporated And They Are Lightly Golden. Remove From Heat. Sprinkle With sherry And Stir Into Barley Mixture. Continue Baking Uncovered 45 Minutes or Until Broth is Absorbed And Barley is Tender. Sprinkle With almonds.

Serves 4

Source: my Old Recipes