Banana Bon Sandwich

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<plb_layout val_3="" val_4="1 min." val_6="" val_8="You may think this recipe is gross, but you're wrong. Grab your favorite candy bar and get started!" val_9="* Banana&#13; * Chocolate&#13; * Two pieces of toast" val_10="* Pop two pieces of bread in the toaster.&#13; * While that's cooking, get a banana and some chocolate. Chocolate syrup would probably work best.&#13; * Peel the banana and pour some chocolate syrup onto it.&#13; * When the toast is done, put a slice on a plate.&#13; * Take a butter knife and slice the banana onto the sandwich.&#13; * Add about 5 more drops of chocolate syrup.&#13; * Put the other slice on top and put everything away." val_11="File:Banana_Bon_Sandwich.jpg" layout_id="175018" cswikitext="&#13; "></plb_layout>