Aubergines en Persillade

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1 Serves 2-3 this is a simple, rather classic way of sauteeing aubergines with garlic, parsley, spring onions and breadcrumbs.

2 Its mouth-watering flavours and irresistible textures make a lovely supper dish, served with a tomato salad and hot, soft rolls.

3 Cut the aubergines into large cubes.

4 Saute in hot olive oil, shaking the pan frequently until browned all over on the outside and tender inside.

5 Dry on kitchen paper and keep warm.

6 Fry the breadcrumbs in more oil until golden all over, add the spring onions, garlic and herbs and then return the aubergines to the pan.

7 Toss over a moderately high heat until the aubergines are sizzling, add salt to taste, then toss in the parsley and serve in a hot dish.

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