Arroz con Menestra

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  1. 4 hours before (or overnight) soak the beans/Lentils in water. After that rinse them.
  2. Cook the rice as usual.
  3. In a pot make a refrito with the onions, peppers garlic Achiote salt, pepper, comino, ajinomoto and adobo. Fry the pig skin in the refrito. Add the beans/Lentils, whole green pepper, culantro and 5-6 cups of water and a some forks/knives/spoons (to absorb the heat better). Let it boil and boil and boil. Check the water regurlarly, add more if neaded. When it's almost done check the salt/seasoning and add more as neaded, check the color and if neaded add a bit more of Achiote (color depends on which bean you are using, the photo is using Lentils, so it's very dark). Cook until the consistency is similiar to the photo on the top, and take out the whole pepper and culantro or what's left of it.
  4. Cut the Meat so it's very thin and broad, you do this by cutting a regular filet transversally by halve, but not separating the 2 parts (as if you where onfolding a folded napkin), repeat the procedure until you can't continue cutting. Smash the meat with a stone or wooden hammer. season with comino, salt and adobo and apply Achiote until the meat gets orange. Broil the meat over charcoal, or fry it.
  5. Make the patacones as ussual.