Apple Cider Gravy

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APPLE CIDER GRAVY<about:blank>

INGREDIENTS: 3 T fat from the drippings, the rest of the no-fat drippings 14 oz of chicken broth 1/3 cup fresh apple cider or unsweetened apple juice 3 cloves of garlic, minced 3 T flour 1 T bourbon or orange juice 1/2 t grated orange peel

DIRECTIONS: Pour out drippings and let fat rise to the top. Meanwhile, deglaze pan with a little water. Skim off 3 T of fat and put into saucepan. Toss out the rest of the fat. Add drippings to pan. Make a mix of the flour and a small amount of COLD chicken broth...remember cold is good here. Put everything BUT the bourbon (or orange juice) and the orange peel into the saucepan. Bring to a simmer. Slowly, in a thin even stream, add the flour/broth mixture. Adjust for desired thickness. Remove from the heat add the bourbon or orange juice and the orange peel. Serve.

QUICK COOK TIP: You can add the flavor elements of this recipe to store bought too.


Here are some of Lizzy's tips for great lump-free sauce every time!

  • Whisk!...Whisk!!...Whisk!!! It makes a difference. If

you don't have out now and buy one!

  • In a cup or a bowl mix several tablespoons of flour

with 1/2 C of the stock, COLD from the refrigerator. Use a whisk and make sure this mixture is absolutely smooooooth. Very important! This is the trick to lump-free gravy.

  • Put the drippings and whatever amount of fat you want...

zero to 1/2 c depending on how much gravy you are making and how rich you want it. I add vegetable stock to the drippings and bring to a good solid simmer. In a nice thin even stream, add the cold flour/stock mixture to the pan. Use that whisk in a nice motion...too fast and it will encourage lumps.

  • Here's the way you can control the thickness of the

gravy...if it's to thin, have a standby of additional flour and cold water or white wine mixture...too thick, add white wine or water or stock.

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