Alabama-style Pork Tenderloin

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Contributed by World Recipes Y-Group

This Y-group is international. Good food from all parts of the world. A place where we can share the wonderful food from all over the world.

  • Makes 4 servings.



  1. Combine 1st 5 ingredients together and divide in half.
  2. Place half of the marinade in the refrigerator and the other half into a plastic zip bag.
  3. Slice the meat into 1 inch pieces and place them in the bag.
  4. Turn bag several times so that the meat gets coated with the marinade.
  5. Refrigerate for several hours or overnight. Heat oil in skillet and brown the meat on both sides.
  6. Drain on paper towels, place Onion, pepper and flour into a plastic cooking bag, shake thoroughly and arrange the meat in a 9x13 inch baking pan, set aside.
  7. Pour the reserved marinade from the refrigerator over the meat and bake at 350 °F for 30–40 minutes.