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Usage notes

This template is intended to allow entry of imperial weights (Avoirdupois), measured in hundredweights, quarters, and pounds (cwt,qtr,lb) and provide a conversion into pounds and kilograms. The cwt used are long hundredweights.

This format is traditional for the specification of bells cast or used in the UK. See Dove's Bellringers' Guide.


  • {{CwtQtrLb to kg| number of cwt | number of qtr | number of lbs }}
  • {{CwtQtrLb to kg| number of cwt | number of qtr | number of lbs | lk=on }}
to link "long" to Avoirdupois#British adaptation.


For example:

  • The tenor weighs {{CwtQtrLb to kg|21|2|12}}.
gives: "The tenor weighs 21 long cwt 2 qtr 12 lb (2,420 lb or 1,098 kg)."
  • The other tenor weighs {{CwtQtrLb to kg|20|3|7|lk=on}}.
gives: "The other tenor weighs 20 long cwt 3 qtr 7 lb (2,331 lb or 1,057 kg)."

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