Palm Sugar Balls

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A lovely asian sweet to serve with coffee or just as a treat.



  1. Place rice flour in bowl, make well in centre.
  2. Add coconut cream and pandan essence.
  3. Mix to form firm dough. Knead lightly.
  4. Bring saucepan of water to boil.
  5. Cut palm sugar into 5 cent coin pieces in size.
  6. Roll tablespoons of dough in your hands and insert plam Sugar into dough so it is in the centre and enclosed by the dough.
  7. Roll into ball.
  8. Cook balls in boiling water a few at a time until they float to the surface.
  9. Remove with slotted spoon and roll in dessicated coconut.
  10. Transfer to plate and serve at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. Eat on the day of making.