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Name Variations

  • precooked rice

About Instant rice

Instant rice is rice that has been completely cooked and then dried down to less than twelve percents moisture. Instant rice can be precooked by the end user in less time than the twenty minutes necessary to prepare white raw rice. Instant rice is most frequently used by the industry to make quick meals for consumers. It is typically mixed with seasoning and may be mixed with instant beans or vegetables. It is sometimes used as a component ingredient in products such as egg rolls or enchiladas. On the market are numerous processes to make instant rice, but the one mainly frequently used starts much like the home cooking procedure. Rice is washed-out in hot water, steamed, and then rinsed. Then the rice is dried in a hot oven drier. The quantity of cooking and level of puffing in the drier conclude the finishing cook time for the instant rice. When the rice is prepared for a second time by the consumer, the water move around more rapidly through the kernel for the reason that the starch has been gelatinized and there are lots of small cracks and fissures in the kernel.

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