Hubbard squash

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Hubbard squash

About Hubbard squash

Wikipedia Article About Hubbard squash on Wikipedia

Hubbard squash is a type of squash, typically found in a 'tear-drop' shape. They are often used as a cheaper replacement for pumpkins. A very large winter squash with a thick, bumpy, hard shell ranging in color from dark green to bright orange. Hubbards are available from early September to March, either whole or, if extraordinarily large, cut into pieces. Look for those with cleancolored rinds free from blemishes. Store unwrapped in a cool (under 50'F) place (or in the refrigerator) up to 6 months. Hubbard squash is best boiled or baked. Because of its rather grainy texture, the yelloworange flesh is often mashed or pureed and mixed with butter and seasonings before serving. Hubbard squash is an excellent source of vitamin A and contains a fair amount of iron and riboflavin.

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