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Each of the links below will take you to separate sites dedicated to recipes as they are made in the associated region. A Cuisine – specific set of cooking traditions and practices, often associated with a specific culture. It is frequently named after the region or place where its underlining culture is present. A cuisine is primarily influenced by the ingredients that are available locally or through trade. Religious food laws can also exercise a strong influence on culinary practices.

Types of cuisine

Category:African cuisine[1]

Category:Central African cuisine
Category:East African cuisine
Category:Horn African cuisine
Category:North African cuisine
Category:Southern African cuisine
Category:West African cuisine

Category:Asian cuisine

Category:Central Asian cuisine
Category:East Asian cuisine
Category:Southeast Asian cuisine
Category:South Asian cuisine
Category:West Asian cuisine

Category:Levantine cuisine

Category:European cuisine

Category:Northern European cuisine
Category:Western European cuisine
Category:Eastern European cuisine
Category:Southern European cuisine

Category:Cuisine of Oceania

Category:North American cuisine
Category:Central American cuisine
Category:South American cuisine
Category:Caribbean cuisine

Category:Cuisine styles

Category:Ethnic and religious cuisines

Category:History of cuisine

Category:Historical African cuisines
Category:Historical cuisines of the Americas
Category:Historical cuisines of Asia
Category:Ancient cuisines of Europe


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