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== [[:Category:Chinese noodle Recipes|Chinese noodle Recipes]] ==
== [[:Category:Chinese noodle Recipes|Chinese noodle Recipes]] ==
[[Category:Chinese noodles| ]]
[[Category:Chinese cuisine]]
[[Category:noodles| Recipes]]
[[Category:Asian noodles]]
[[Category:Asian noodles]]

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Name Variations

  • mein
  • min
  • mian

About Chinese noodles

Wikipedia Article About Chinese noodles on Wikipedia Chinese cuisine includes many different types of noodles , called miàn (Chinese: 麪/麵 (Traditional) , 面 (Simplified); often transliterated as "mien" or "mein" ). "Miàn" (麪) refers to noodles made from wheat while "fěn" (粉) refers to noodles made from rice.

Nomenclature of the noodles is difficult due to the vast spectrum available and the many dialects of Chinese used to name them. Each noodle type can be rendered in pinyin for Mandarin, but in Hong Kong and neighboring Guangdong it will be known by its Cantonese pronunciation, while Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and many other Overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia will use Hokkien instead.

Chinese noodle Recipes